Friday, July 20, 2007

Preview: THE SEEKERS #3

Jesse Williams, boy genius, has been given a gift; a time machine housed in an unlikely place -- an mp3 player! Together, Jesse, his sister Nila, and their friend Brooklyn are THE SEEKERS; young heroes who travel through time and space in search of adventure – and the truth behind the mysteries of the universe.

In the senses-shattering third issue of the exciting series from the Guardian Line, Jesse and Brooklyn journey to the distant past for front-row seats to the “thrillah in Elah” . . . David vs. Goliath! But before the main event, the mysterious Grio squares off with Goliath, and loses his staff of wonders in the time stream!

After learning that Grio’s life depends on that staff, the Seekers travel to the far-flung future to find it. Instead, they find David’s descendent doing battle with a giant monster robot called Goliath 2.0! Will Jesse and Brooklyn help history repeat itself in time to save their friend?

Cover by, I believe, Claude St. Aubin.

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